Industry Agreed Good Management Practices (GMP)

What are Industry Agreed Good Management Practices?

Good Management Practices (GMPs) that can be used on farm to improve water quality (notably nitrogen, phosphorus, sediment, and faecal contaminants). These practices may not fully take into account GMPs for other aspects of farm management (e.g. greenhouse gas reduction, health and safety, biosecurity, biodiversity and conservation of natural and cultural heritage).

These GMP can help you in developing your Farm Environment Plan.

Download the Industry-Agreed Good Management Practices Booklet here.


Following Good Management Practice in Farming:


Provides financial gain by improving:
  • Profitability
  • Reducing Costs
  • Providing Efficiencies


Keeps the regulator away
  • Less compliance visits


Brings Personal satisfaction by doing the right thing for:
  • Your whanau/family
  • Pride
  • Acknowledgement of being a good farmer
  • Improving water quality


Encourages future markets
  • Markets demand for meeting environmental standards

Where can I find the Industry Agreed Good Management Practices?

Click on the following tabs to find the Good Management Practices related to the following areas

Who can help me to identify Good Management Practices specific to my farm?

Your Primary Industry Sector have developed sector-specific publications that expand on the industry agreed Good Management Practices.